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My fave Kpop Idol Super Junior launched their 6th album "Sexy, Free & Single". The one that catched my attention is Donghae "Thanks To". I'm glad that someoe translate it for us. Lee Donghae's father passed away in 2006 because of cancer. Yes, similar to my story. And everyone know how much he love his father. And as a person who have the same experience, reading the thanks to made me cry. So I decided to share to you.

Super Junior Lee Donghae's "Thanks to"

Dear father… 
It’s already our 6th album father^^ 
It’s something I realize everyday, but time really does fly…I’m already 27 years old ^^ 
I wonder how you’d be like if you were still alive?? I imagine it everyday!~ 
You would have a lot of white hair growing out, more wrinkles on your face, and I think you would’ve gained more weight ^^ 
hehe I wonder if I’m becoming more like you as I grow? When I was still little, everyone used to say that we looked very alike when we walk around holding
hands… hehe 
I’ve changed this much and I wonder how much you’ve changed, I miss you, and I want to hug you ^^ 
Sometimes I miss you so much that I think about you and wish that you would appear in my dreams tonight! You’re not sick but healthy right??
(I’m) Going around from one place to another in this world and working hard, so don’t worry !! 
Even in the future,I will be a son who will work harder and not feel down/ exhausted but go further. Thank you for being by my side, holding my hand and
keeping me in your arms!!^^ 
As usual, what I say today while looking at a picture of you… ” I love you father!!”

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